Business Development

Business Development

Our Business Development activities are divided into 6 main areas

1. Internal Development

Working with partners to develop proprietary medicines and medical devices

2. Product Acquisitions

Acquiring or buying products outright from other companies for the Canadian market

3. International in-Licensing

Acquiring rights to products from International partners for the Canadian market. We will do all the filings if necessary. We do have a solid understanding of the Canadian Healthcare system and how to navigate it.

4. Local In-Licensing

Acquiring rights from other Canadian partners.

5. Marketing Arrangements

Investing in matured and non-promoted brands to increase sales and profits through innovative marketing strategies. This will include but not limited to co-promotions

6. Exports and International Affiliates

We have access to international markets and are able to export to those markets or work with International affiliates to commercialize product opportunities

In all of these arrangements, Xediton would be happy to perform all services including Regulatory, Medical, Pricing, Market Access, Drug Safety, Medical Information, Business Development, Customer service, Logistics & Distribution, Sales and Marketing or will work with the partner to selectively perform some of these services.

We operate a lean and agile business that focuses on our core competencies. As part of our operations, we perform and are responsible for the following activities or will work with the partner to selectively perform some of these services

  • Operations and Logistics
  • Regulatory and Quality Assurance
  • Medical Affairs
  • Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety
  • Market Access and Reimbursement
  • Pricing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance, Customer Service and Trade Relations
  • Business Development

All these services are made available to our international and local partners

By partnering with Xediton Pharmaceuticals, companies/businesses can quickly and easily bring their products into the Canadian market, guided by an experienced Canadian pharmaceutical company with a proven track record of success in the commercialization of new products.

For more information about Xediton Pharmaceuticals, or to discuss the possibility of partnering with us, please contact our business development department.

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