11ml and 22ml Tubes


Intended for use only by physicians.

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Product Description

REVIVAL PRP® is an Advanced Separator Gel based, easy to use, sterile system approved by Health Canada for the separation and collection of plasma from blood.

Some other features of the REVIVAL PRP® system are:

    • Closed system: Minimizes the risk of contamination
    • Accessories: All accessories required for PRP preparation can be conveniently included as a kit
    • Easy to use: Very Clear and Intuitive steps, Simple IFU. Does not require additional training.
    • Only one centrifugation: Designed to efficiently reduce the number of steps required
    • Resuspension: Gel is designed to prevent globular portion resuspension, thereby rendering a cleaner PRP
    • Processing time: Whole process should take less than 15 to 20 minutes
    • Virtual elimination of Red Blood Cells – 99.9%
    • Dramatic reduction of pro-inflammatory Granulocytes: Gel provides a physical barrier that separates RBC from plasma
    • Over 90% platelet recovery: The Separator gel ensures a high percentage of platelets are recovered during the plasma recovery process
    • Sterile system: All accessories and Gel Tubes are manufactured and packaged in a very sterile environment
    • Optimal platelet concentration: The REVIVAL PRP ® system has been designed to render an optimal platelet concentration for therapeutic purposes
    • Platelet concentration can be increased up to 5 times: By discarding PPP, platelet concentration can be increased to physician needs

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