Xediton Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Xediton is a privately-held pharmaceutical company founded by industry experts with a focus on meeting the needs of patients, physicians and partners. We are committed to developing, partnering and making available new and established medicines to promote the health of Canadians.

We are located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada and are committed to discovering new drugs or working with partners who have discovered drugs in commercializing those drugs in Canada.

Our Aim

Our aim is to positively impact the lives of patients through physicians. We will do this by focusing on our products and communicating the attributes of our products through effective commercialization strategies; we will develop products and services that add value to patients’ lives; we will form long-term and trusted relationships with our partners.

We will leverage our strong capabilities and experiences across the organization to improve patients’ lives thereby increasing the commercial opportunities for our partners.

Management Team

Xediton has an experienced and skilled management team, consisting of big and small pharma experience and also experience acquired from other industries. There is a strong adherence to Good Practices within the team and a culture of compliance with Governmental Regulations and industry guidelines.

The Canadian Healthcare system is different from most and we have a team of experienced managers who have a deep understanding of the Canadian environment.

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