Company Focus

Xediton Business Model and Focus

Xediton’s business model is based on acquiring and licensing products for the Canadian market to meet patients’ needs.

Our  Sales and Marketing organization is equipped to market innovation coming from our own research or that of our partners, as a result we will continuously develop the necessary competencies to promote and communicate the advantages of our medicines in an effective manner.

Our focus is in the following areas:

Specialty care  - We will work with our partners to develop or market innovation in the Specialty Care area. These areas include but not limited to Oncology, Women’s Health, Haematology, Anti Infectives, Urology and Diabetes.

Matured/Established Brands
- products that are non-promoted within big and mid size pharma because of priorities and strategic reasons. Physicians are usually well educated on the product attributes and we will communicate with those physicians through less expensive channels to  maximize value.

Niche products
– Xediton because of its size and guiding principle is able to target specific segments of the customer population with products that target those niche markets.

Patented and Non-Patented Products  - Whether a product is patented or has lost exclusivity, we will formulate commercial strategies to manage the lifecycle of that product. Our aim is to understand the prescribing universe,  build and strengthen our company-customer relationships, customize messages for distinct customer segments in an attempt to bring awareness to our products.

In all of these arrangements , Xediton is happy to perform all services including Regulatory, Medical, Market Access, Drug Safety, Medical Information, Business Development, Customer service ,Logistics,  Sales and Marketing or will work with the partner to selectively perform any of these services.

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